Joahna Doe

Denali has been in the advertising industry since 2002 and has worked with several global brands. With nearly two decades of professional experience, he has served in key positions with Whole Foods Market, SAY IT LOUD, G&G Advertising, GOE™, Denali Ink LLC, and Ikonic Communications – Design by D3NALI™ .  Denali is no longer affiliated with Ikonic Communications / PR, but his design work during his partnership may be used in Ikonic’s portfolio of past work. 
As a branding professional, Denali is continuously sought out to collaborate with multiple advertising agencies throughout the U.S. and Europe. His creative design work has been acknowledged by the American Advertising Federation as the recipient of multiple ADDY Awards including a Best of Show ADDY Award Plus and a national gold ADDY Award.   
Denali was born in Moose Creek, Alaska and has a longstanding respect and appreciation of indigenous art and culturally creative design. It is through this passion that he founded Design by D3NALI™ which specializes in many focused markets that include a variety of global cultures and heritages. 
Denali holds a Bachelor of Arts from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Computer Graphics and an Associate of Applied Science in Commercial Art from Florida Metropolitan University. He considers himself a student of the industry and is diligent in staying current in the fast-paced and ever-changing electronic and digital world.  
As his name might suggest, he is an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt and fish, which sometimes takes him to the backwoods of Alaska.